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2020 Road Construction- A Year in Review

Over the years, we have always worked with local municipalities and private organizations to utilize our earthwork experience on road construction projects. Road work is an integral part or any development and its something we take great pride in. The results of any successful road construction project is key to our overall reputation and it provides a long term reference of what we can do.

Over the past decade our activity in municipal road construction has constantly increased as opportunities become available. The overall design of these roadways has improved to point where most have become engineered structures to consider the environment, construction best practices and future improvements such as paving and increased traffic requirements. With these tight specifications it created the opportunity for us to showcase our investment in 3D grade control technology for our equipment and quality control. We began using this technology on engineered construction of drilling pads to support unit price projects. The productivity and efficiency that grade control provides ensures that material is placed properly within the design and reduces the time required for continuous survey. The benefits of grade control quickly outweigh the investment costs and our customers quickly see how it can reduce their overall costs as well. Most importantly, it compliments the skills of our operators to complete the work with precision and accuracy.

The 2020 road construction season created many opportunities for us as we were awarded 3 major projects. The first of which was working under ASL paving to complete the subgrade construction of 3.7 kms of Secondary 684 south of Waseca, Saskatchewan into the Battle River Valley. With the large cut and fills of the design, this was a perfect place for our 627G scrapers to effectively load, haul and place over 150,000 m3 of material. The grade control equipment installed on our dozers and graders worked flawlessly to create a precise structure before ASL paved the road in the in late October.

As our crew completed Secondary 684 we were awarded 2 road projects for the County of Vermilion River beginning with the increase of the grade of Range Road 30 through a wet area North of Paradise Valley, Alberta. This stretch of road was unique, as it followed through an area where the water level had been rising over the past few years to the point where 750 meters of the road was under water. With the large hills in the surrounding terrain, it created an ideal scenario for a large excavator to load the 19,000 m3 of material from borrow to be hauled by rock trucks and placed with a GPS guided D6T dozer. We enjoyed ideal late summer weather for this project, and it was completed under schedule to the satisfaction of the County of Vermilion River and the neighboring residents.

Our road construction crew then moved North of Vermilion, Alberta to work on reconstructing approximately 3 km of Township 520 before the end of the construction season. The west section of this road was similar to Range Road 30 with 250 meters of it under water due to the excessive rain over the past few years. The design called for approximately 65,000 m3 of material was sourced from a combination of borrow sources and within the existing right of way. We were able to utilize our rock trucks and scrapers along with the grade control technology to finish the road before the end of October 2020. With the road being a key route for agricultural producers in the middle of the busy harvest season, we were able to finish the grading with minimal affect on the local residents so they could complete their harvest during the best weather we’ve seen in recent years. Unfortunately, due to an early snow, we were not able to finish the final seeding and gravel placement so we will return in 2021 to complete it.

 As a local contractor we understand the importance of completing every project by exceeding our customers expectations. It is our great reputation that creates opportunities for future work and we are proud to travel these roads, knowing that it was our experienced crews that did the work.