2020- A Year In Review

I think it is safe to say that I am not alone when I reflect to the beginning of 2020 and remember an air of optimism that the year ahead appeared to be the beginning of a positive change for the Oil and Gas industry. However, that changed quickly at the beginning of March as oil prices crashed and COVID began to cripple the world around us. Since then, it has become cliché to talk about these unprecedented times and the new normal. Regardless of opinions, our world changed last March and has continued to do so over the past year.

As the shock of COVID took over and much of the country was locked down, it painted a very bleak picture of the future of our industry and the economy in general. However, we adapted and although it seemed to take forever, a mild form of normal returned in early June when our staff and equipment returned to work. Over the summer there was a steady increase in field activity which was a welcome change. With the announcement of the Federally funded reclamation programs in May and June, this became a major focus of our key customers to take advantage of the funding to get abandoned sites cleaned up. Since the programs were announced, we have been actively involved in the application process for the Alberta SRP and Saskatchewan ACSP reclamation programs which provided the opportunity to put many of our dedicated long-term employees back to work in both provinces. The increased activity associated with reclamation, lease construction and 2 major municipal road construction projects, along with fantastic weather, created a very busy fall to cap off the summer construction season.

As we transitioned into 2021, the optimism returned. We continue to adapt to the challenges associated with COVID-19 and we have enjoyed an increase in midwinter activity. The price of oil is gradually moving in the right direction and with Spring break-up well underway, we have started preparing for a busy summer.

We have announced our partnership with Precision Asisky Services Ltd. and we are looking forward to developing existing relationships with our great customers to create opportunities with new clients and the surrounding communities.