Site Reclamation Projects

Since the beginning of the downturn of the Oil & Gas industry that began in 2015 it has dramatically reduced the drilling and new construction projects associated with oil production. However, site reclamation has continued to be a focus of many producers to reduce their liabilities associated with their sites no longer in use.

Specific Scope

Site reclamation is a very specific scope of work where attention to detail and the need to address the ever-changing issues of many sites that were built long before any environmental standards were in place. Our reclamation crews have the experience of constructing oilfield leases and they relay this knowledge when they use their skills to reclaim the sites once they are abandoned.

Using the Canadian Seasons to Our Advantage

The earthwork portion of the reclamation programs usually takes place during the summer construction season to avoid the adverse affects of frost. We work with our clients throughout the winter months to plan for the work to take place during the short summer season.

Optimistic For The Future

Government funded incentives have been introduced in recent years to reclaim thousands of oil and gas sites throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. We were actively involved with our clients to assist in applying for this funding and we have enjoyed a steady increase of reclamation activity in both provinces to allow us to return many of our long-term staff to work on these sites.